Caviar lime

Botanical name: Citrus Australasica

Crown and root system: This is an evergreen citrus tree with a small crown and a non-invasive root system.  The branches are thorny.

Growing regions: All over the country except for areas with extreme climate conditions – hot or cold.

Ripening date: In the fall.  The peel is green and inside are juice vesicles that look like caviar roe, giving the fruit its name.

Planting in a container:  May be grown in a container, in a place that is protected from winds and accessible to insects to promote pollination.

Recommended planting date:  All year round.

Special care:  We recommend using Confidor as a preventive treatment in early spring, according to manufacturer’s instructions (the compound can be bought in any agricultural supply store). 

Good to know:
The caviar lime fruit has gained a high degree of popularity, particularly in modern sushi restaurants, where the juice vesicles are sprinkled over the sushi as a garnish and to add a fresh flavor.

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