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Haskelberg Fruit trees

Haskelberg Nursery in Kfar Vitkin is Israel’s largest fruit tree nursery. The Nursery produces over 200 different fruit tree seedling cultivars for farmers, other nurseries, and private customers. The Nursery was founded in 1974 by the agronomist Avishai Haskelberg, and is currently the Israeli agricultural sector’s largest supplier of avocado and persimmon seedlings; it also supplies seedlings to nurseries and farms in Europe, Africa, and North America. The Nursery is also Israel’s biggest producer and marketer of fruit tree seedlings adapted to local growing conditions: subtropical, citrus, exotic, deciduous, local species, and more. We make sure to use the highest-quality material and the most advanced growing facilities, to ensure that our customers receive productive and resilient seedlings that meet the highest standards.