Botanical name:  Citrus maxima

Crown and root system:  This is an evergreen citrus tree with an intermediate crown.  It has a lateral, non-invasive root system.

Growing regions:  Most parts of the country, except for those areas with extreme temperatures – either hot or cold.

Ripening date:  Throughout the winter months; the exact date depends on the variety.

Planting in a container:  Not recommended.

Recommended planting season:  All year round.

Special care:  We recommend using Confidor as a preventive treatment in early spring, according to manufacturer’s instructions (the compound can be bought in any agricultural supply store).

In the first few years it is recommended to prune the sapling’s flowers on non-woody branches so as not to burden them with the heavy weight of the fruit, which is liable to bend or break them.

 Varieties sold in our nursery:
White pomelo:
Red pomelo:

 Good to know:
Natives of Southeast Asia eat pomelo as a dessert in the following manner:  They expose the flesh of the fruit and season it generously with coarse salt.

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