Botanical name: Punica granatum

Crown and root system: The is deciduous shrub with a non-invasive root system.  It is also suitable for use as a hedge.

Growing regions: All parts of the country except areas that are particularly hot.

Fruit and ripening date: Fall-winter months, although the exact timing depends on the variety.  The fruit is ripe and ready to eat when the crown has dried inside.

Planting in a container: It may be planted in a container.

Recommended planting season: All year round.

Special care:  We recommend covering the fruit to protect them from damage by fruit flies.

Varieties sold in our nursery:
Wonderful: The most common commercial variety in Israel.  Ripening date?  It has a red peel with red seeds.
Sweet pomegranate with soft seeds: Size of fruit, ripening date, color of peel and seeds?
Dard purple pomegranate:  Ripens at the end of the season.  It is particularly resistant to pests.  It has red seeds and is a medium-sized fruit.

Good to know:
Believe it or not, the Rambam (Maimonides) recommended pomegranate as a cure for a hangover.  “One with a head ache that results from drunkenness shall sleep quietly all day, eat seeds, lentils, and drink water or juice from a pomegranate.”


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