Botanical name: Ananas comosus

Crown and root system: This is a tropical plant that can reach a height and diameter of 80 cm., with long, fleshy leaves with spikes, like the sabra plant.

Growing regions:  All around the country, without direct sunlight.

Ripening date: Throughout the year, about four months after flowering begins.  It is possible to control the ripening date using a home-made “ripening hormone” – apple peels or apple cider, placed in the center of the plant.

Planting in a container: Can also be planted in a container, on a balcony or rooftop.  Ensure that the interior area of the container is wide enough to allow the plant shoots to develop.

Recommended planting season: All year round.

Good to know:
The pineapple plant yields fruit only once. If you desire additional fruit you can plant the plant tassels in the ground.  Another way is to use the plant itself, which produces new shoots, each one of which will eventually produce another fruit.

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