Botanical name: Carica papaya

Crown and root system: This evergreen tree has a lovely and unique shape.  The root system is particularly shallow.

Growing regions: Areas that are free of frost.  The tree should be planted in an area that is out of the wind to protect the trunk from breaking.

Ripening date: In the fall.

Planting in a container:  May be grown in a container.

Recommended planting date:  All year round, except for cold months.

Special care:
Make sure the soil is well drained to prevent rot between the trunk and the roots.
Make sure the tree is watered regularly and frequently – due to the shallow root system avoid irrigating too much all at once.

Varieties available at our nursery:
Paradise:  This variety does not need an external pollinator.  It yields large, oval-shaped fruit.

Good to know:
In certain areas of America the papaya seeds are dried and used as an alternative to black pepper.

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