Botanical name: Morus

Crown and root system: This is a deciduous shade tree with a large and impressive crown.  Its extensive and strong branches make it a favorite among children who enjoy climbing the tree or building a treehouse in its branches.  It grows rapidly and therefore can be used as a pioneer plant when starting a garden.

Growing regions: Most of the country, and can acclimate in a wide range of soils.  We recommend not placing the tree near a seating area or path into the house, because the fallen fruit can cause stains.

Ripening date: Beginning of the summer.  The tree yields a large quantity of fruit.  The season is relatively short but the fruit can be picked and frozen.

Planting in a container: Cannot be planted in a container.

Recommended planting season: All year round.

 Varieties sold in our nursery:
White mulberry
Red mulberry
Shami (black) mulberry:  With a rich aroma and good flavor.
Red long mulberry
White long mulberry

Good to know:
There is no point looking for silkworm eggs on the leaves of your mulberry tree.  This is a cultivated species that cannot survive in the wild.  The reason is that although both the males and females have wings, they cannot fly and thus there is no chance that they can reproduce.

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