Botanical name: Eriobotrya Japonica

Crown and root system: This is an evergreen tree with a small-medium rounded crown and a non-invasive root system.

Growing regions: Areas with a moderate climate, without extreme cold or heat.

Ripening date: At the beginning of spring.

Planting in a container: May be planted in a container.

Recommended planting season: All year round.

Special care:
1. The root system of the loquat tree is sensitive to high salinity in the irrigation water. This can be seen as a burnt appearance around the leaf edges.  In such case you must rinse the area of the root system and follow the progress of new growth to ensure there is no additional burning.
2. We recommend pruning back the fruit immediately after it begins to ripen to prevent crowding, which will make it harder for the fruit to reach full size and become fully ripe.
3. The loquat is a preferred target for birds and fruit flies. The flies can be neutralized almost completely using a designated fly trap placed on one of the branches.  The trap is safe and easy to use.  Another way to protect the fruit from flies and birds is to use special netting sold in agricultural supply stores.

Varieties sold in our nursery:
Avery: This is the leading commercial variety in Israel.  The fruit is orange and shaped like a teardrop.  It is large, juicy with a delicate sweetness and a rich aroma.

Good to know:
Israel is the second largest producer of loquats in the world, right after Japan.  The third largest producer is Brazil.

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