Botanical name:  Citrus japonica

Crown and root system:  This is a an evergreen tree with a small, round crown.  The root system is non-invasive.

Growing regions:  Most parts of the country, except for those areas with extreme temperatures – either hot or cold.

Ripening date:  Throughout the winter months, though the exact date depends on the variety.

Planting in a container:  It is possible to plant them in a container if it is protected from wind and can be access by insects, to promote pollination.

Recommended planting season:  All year round.

Special care:  We recommend using Confidor as a preventive treatment in early spring, according to manufacturer’s instructions (the compound can be bought in any agricultural supply store).

Good to know:  The sweetest part of the kumquat is the peel and therefore the fruit is usually eaten whole, in order to balance the sour flavor of the fruit itself.

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