Citron (etrog)

Botanical name: Citrus medica

Crown and root system: The tree has a low, rounded crown and a non-invasive root system.

Description of the fruit:  It is similar to a lemon, with a green peel that is rough and thick, and has a strong aroma.  It is excellent for making jam or candied citron peel.

Growing regions: All over the country except for where it is particularly cold.

Ripening date: In the fall, ahead of the Sukkot holiday.

Planting in a container:  May be grown in a container.

Recommended planting date:  All year round. 

Varieties sold in our nursery:
Yemenite citron, which, although it is large and juicy, does not comply with the kashrut criteria necessary for being one of the four species for Sukkot.

Good to know:
The citron was the first citrus tree to have arrived in Israel, about 4,000 BCE.

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