Crown and root system:  The cinnamon tree is an evergreen tree with a moderate crown that is dense and beautiful.  It is simple and easy to grow, with a non-invasive root system.  It can also be used as a hedge.

Growing regions:  May be grown in most parts of the country, except for those areas that are especially cold.

Ripening date:  The fruit is not significant, since the spice is produced from the outer bark of the tree.  Mature leaves may also be used in infusions as they also have a cinnamon aroma.

Planting in a container:  Possible.

Recommended planting season:  All year round, except for winter months.

Varieties sold in our nursery:  Chinese cinnamon

Good to know:
In Ancient Rome, because cinnamon was so expensive it was infrequently added to the funeral pyres that were lit to honor the dead, but Emperor Nero ordered an entire year’s worth of Rome’s cinnamon supply to be burned at his wife’s funeral.

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