Botanical name:  Averrhoa carambola

Crown and root system:  This is an evergreen tree with a medium crown and an intermediate root system.  In winter some of the leaves may fall, but with the spring it quickly recovers.

Growing regions:  Areas that have no frost; recommended that it be planted in an area that is not windy.

Ripening date:  Bears fruit twice a year, in the fall and in the spring.

Planting in a container:  Not possible.

Recommended planting season:  All year round except for winter months.

 Varieties sold in our nursery:
Pongathon variety:  This variety was developed in Israel and bears fruit that is quite sweet with a rich aroma.

Good to know:
The carambola belongs to the Oxalidaceae family, and until recently was primarily used as a decorative element when serving food.  It had a sour and watery flavor that was unappetizing.  In recent years a new variety was developed with a sweeter and aromatic flavor.  This variety, which we raise in the nursery, is good for eating right from the tree or as part of any dish, either cooked or fresh.

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