Cape gooseberry

Other names: physalis, Jews’ berry

Botanical name: Physalis peruviana

Crown and root system: This is a hardy shrub that grows easily and quickly.  The root system is aggressive.  Biennial plant?

Growing regions: All over the country except where it is particularly cold.

Fruit and ripening date: In the summer months it yields yellow fruit that is sweet and juicy, around the size of a cherry tomato.  The fruit contain a great deal of pectin, which can also be found in apples and apricots, which is used to harden jellies.

Planting in a container:  May be grown in a container, but we recommend using a wide container.

Recommended planting date:  All year round.

Special care:   Pruning?

Good to know:
The name “Jews’ berry” was given because the fruit’s exterior peel reminded someone of a foreskin, no less!

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