Botanical name: Vaccinium

Crown and root system: This is an intermediate deciduous shrub. It requires a high degree of acidity in the planting soil, and therefore it should be grown in a container in soil with the appropriate acidity.

Growing regions: Depends on the variety.  Certain varieties need numerous cold snaps in order to yield fruit.  Our nursery features a variety that requires a low number of cold snaps, and therefore it can be grown all over the country except for areas where it is particularly hot.

Ripening date: During the summer months, depending on the variety.

Planting in a container: Definitely.

Recommended planting season: All year round.

Special care:  Ensure that the soil has the correct level of acidity.  Over time you will need to add sulfur according to the guidelines given when you make your purchase.

Varieties sold in our nursery:
Sunshine: Ripens in the middle of the season, producing medium-sized blueberries that are very sweet.

Good to know:
Studies show that blueberries contain the highest amounts of anti-oxidants from among 40 different fruits and vegetables.

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