Botanical name: Annona

Crown and root system: This is a large tree with a rounded crown with dense foliage; it has an intermediate root system.

Growing regions:  Most parts of the country except for colder areas.

Ripening date: In late fall, October – November, and during the winter months.

Planting in a container: Cannot be planted in a container.

Recommended planting season: All year round, except for cold months.

Special care: It is recommended to aid in pollination using a brush to spread the pollen from flower to flower.  You can also place rotting fruit on the ground near the tree trunk to attract insects that will help with pollination.  A third option is to use bumblebees for pollination – a bee hive can be ordered from the Bio-Bee company on moshav Sde Eliahu. 

Varieties sold in our nursery:
Gefner: This variety does not need an additional pollinator in order to produce fruit, and is characterized by its sweet and juicy produce.  We graft the Gefner variety onto the rootstock of quality wheat, which is noted for being very resilient.

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