Botanical name: Citrus junos

Crown and root system: This is an evergreen citrus tree with a small crown and thorny branches.

Fruit:  The yuzu is a sub-species of the citron (Etrog).  It has a thick, green peel that is bumpy, and it is shaped like a large clementine.  The fruit contains a very small quantity of juice and has lots of seeds.  This fact, combined with the difficulty of peeling the fruit because of the thick thorns, makes the yuzu fruit very expensive.  The outer part of the peel can be used (the greenish layer, without the bitter-tasting white pith) to obtain the rich, bitter-tangy fragrance of the fruit.

Growing regions: Most parts of the country, except those areas with extreme climatic conditions, whether hot or cold.

Ripening date: Throughout the winter months; the exact date depends on the variety.

Planting in a container: May be planted in a container, in a location that is protected from wind and accessible to insects that can help with pollination.

Recommended planting season: All year round.

Special care:  We recommend using Confidor as a preventive treatment in early spring, according to manufacturer’s instructions (the compound can be bought in any agricultural supply store). 

Good to know:
The price of yuzu juice is usually about eight times the price of other citrus juices.